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BOKIS exists to support the financial institutions that make up the co-operative. The company is customer-owned, and the wishes and needs of the community are the foundation of our work.
At BOKIS, we follow trends in the ​European and international payment markets. We continuously assess how best to ensure, through joint initiatives, that the banks in the BOKIS co-operative are equipped with competitive and innovative solutions that meet end-user needs, conform to tomorrow's payment system requirements, and comply with regulatory requirements.
BOKIS is responsible for the procurement, development, and maintenance of card and payment solutions. We continuously work to improve and optimise payment infrastructure and prevent card-based payment fraud.
We have concluded joint agreements with such entities as MobilePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay, as well as with Mastercard, Visa, and Nets for Denmark’s national debit card, the Dankort, and its underlying payment infrastructure.
Additionally, we promote transparency and clarity in the administration of concluded purchase agreements and payment obligations for vendors. We also give the individual financial institutions that comprise the co-operative opportunities for further work in finance and data-driven operations.
The financial institutions in the co-operative have the freedom to choose the products and services that suit them.

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BOKIS is located in Toldbodgade 33 in the centre of Copenhagen. Here, we share a building with the two founding associations of the BOKIS co-operative: Landsdækkende Banker and Lokale Pengeinstitutter​
The company's management consists of two co-directors, Søren Nicolaisen and Jan Kondrup, who are also the directors of Landsdækkende Banker and Lokale Pengeinstitutter, respectively.
BOKIS’s everyday work is carried out in close collaboration with the staff of the two associations.

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